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В PCWorld меня записали в фашисты
12/06/08 20:18  © LovinGOD
PCWorld от 30 мая 2008 г.:

Web 2.0 Sites a Thriving Marketplace for Malware
The crooks who use these profiles and blogs may not give themselves away with direct references to nefarious malware activities. But the sites provide a more distributed, harder-to-track way of keeping in touch than using one particular underground site. They may also offer a platform for spouting fascist ideology, as Jackson refers to one Russian underground figure known as 'lovinGOD,'; or some other pseudo-philosophy that ties one or more of these groups together.
(Don Jackson, a senior researcher with managed security services provider SecureWorks)
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(6) Re: В PCWorld меня записали в фашисты
17/01/09 17:50  © Unknown
ЛовинГОД и лекции почитывает)))

LovinGOD: а ещё я когда-то пешком под стол ходил... И много чего делал. Это информация 10-летней давности, и, в итоге, нихрена из этого не вышло.
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