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Benediction 2001 - Organized Chaos -
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1. Suicide Rebellion

Scale the walls of hopelesness
Lungs breath blackened tar
Abusive instinct takes control
No more hopre left under darkened star

Staring down a bottomless pit
No escape, no way out
The only way through is down
Cannot speak, cannot move
Inarticulaye, we drown
Failure's asexual breed
Life of swine become desease
Better and twisted inside
Worship my god of fear

Face the facts, everything dies in the end

Always brave on the outside
Smiling in the face of despair
Blood courses through constricted veins
Silent screams, gasping for air

Burning blade enters prepared skin
Crimson life flows from within
Welcomin releasing blood
Rivers deep to the desperate sea

Yet choises made are not reversed
Persistence in the face of nothingness
Courage to endure despair
Survive, revenge, redress
Floods of blood wash nothing clean
Begin within on the path to redeem
Locking back at a beleaguered past
Something inside changed

So much time ahead
So much that can be done
Speaking words in unknown tongues
Presaging armageddon's son

Pressure building up inside
Something has no give
Vanquish all fear, nowhere to hide
Become the master, choose to live

I choose to damn well live!

Never more to be trodden down
Before noone to kneel

Heart, once frozen, trapped in ice
Now boiling molten steel!

Highest self to vindicate
All cause of doubt to eradicate
Seize control, force mental state
Seconds counting down to detonate

Return to those who would oppress
The way of advance lies through regress
Old enemies made to feel violent caress
Pay it all back with interest

At last, it seems, a return to peace
Destructive urges finally cease
There's still anger, but now it's part of me
I'll never die so easily!

4. Diary Of A Killer (Fuck Them All)

Maybe it's been just one of those days
When I've had about as much as I can take
I've tried so hard, tried so hard to be good
But the world just threw it back in my face
Pick yourself up, dust yourself off
Lust in time for the next kick in the teeth
And if I find one tiny bit of release
They'll try to cure me, like I'm some kind of fucking disease

Slammed by the wrecking ball once again
I'm driven into the concrete
I'm getting used to the taste of dust
But I'm still standing on my own two feet

This time I'll show them all

I'll loose it all in drink and drugs
Just to ease a little bit of the pain
You dissapprove but I don't give a fuck
Sometimes I got to escape or I'll go insane
They've kicked me like a scolded dog
And all I ever did was laugh
Thold me a thousand times to bow
But I'll bow to none, they should know by now
I'll bow...I'll bow to none

I'm tired of crawling over broken glass
Tired of choking on my teeth
This time I'll take matters into my own hands
Nothing will ever break me again
This time I'll show them all
They'll never break us, we'll never conform
Never chain us with their fucked up laws
I am too proud, you'll never see me crawl
Destroy the lies, their pride will fall

There's a million whores in ivory towers
And I'll fuck every one some day
I'll kill again and again
Better to burn out than fade away

You'll never fade away

8. Don't Look In The Mirror

There's an animal inside of you (don't look in the mirror)
Banish it from your mind (the face in the mirror)
Execrate the willing state (don't look in the mirror)
Desecrate the pure of fate

You think you're safe - you cannot hide
Deep within - see what's inside
Disfunctional civility
Ultraviolent dream...

So polite, so fair to all
You've just so fucked up
Withered and smail
Doff the hat, play the game
While all the time you're playing just for your own gain

Aggressive creature, you're not so divine
Open your heart to the killer inside
Lex Talionis inside you keep
Laughing as your enemies weep

Laughing as your enemies weep

Eyes for eyes and teeth for teeth
Reveiling in what lies beneath
Savagery the real law
Give as good as you get
Settle the score

You think you're safe - you cannot hide
Deep within - see what's inside
Disfunctional civility
Ultraviolent dream...

Smiling as your enemies scream

Hide your face from the mirror, avoid the truth
But you can never hide from the beast inside of you

You want to feel disgust
But deep within it's truly lust
Give in to the animal revealed
And to the beast inside you yield!

9. The Graveyard Earth

Sinse the dawn of time the clock's been ticking
Ultimately flawed, man could never survive
An unhealing wound in the side of the earth
A rotten canker that assumes it's divine

There's no divinity in man, just flesh and blood
When you die you do nothing but rot
The blind path leads onward to extinvtion
Genetic time bomb detonates - armageddon

This graveyard earth, disaster waiting to happen
A brave new world, with no more need for guilt
Freedom at last, break the chains of oppression
No meaning in the end, so do as thou wilt

2000 years of slavery
The time has come, revolution's at hand
A storm of fire, that will ignite the earth
My will's my own, not some god's to command!

I am my own god!

So now we reclaim what is rightfully ours
All gods be damned, nothing stands in our path
Liberated, eyesopen wide we are
No more a race of fools, we are but flesh for the worms

A war continues in the name of destruction
No quarter ever given, no quarter allowed
Compromise a word with no meaning for us
In the cries of the enemy let justice be found

And so we stand in the light of a new dawn
Nuclear fires scorching the horizon
The time ahead become a time of rebirth
To recreate man in the image of man

Fuck you all, you won't make me believe
Your foolish prophecies only good to deceive
I'll kill myself before you make me agree
With a single fucking word you say...

You'll never make me believe!


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